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1000mL Extraction Flask, Wide Mouth, ASTM D473
  Capacity (mL) Stopper Neck Measure ..
500mL Titration Flask,  ASTM D3242
Available in other sizes upon request. Product # Capacity (mL) ..
Ramsbottom Coking Bulb
Product # Diameter x Height Measure AST 524 ..
1000mL Round Bottom Flask, ASTM D322
Flask, 24/40 outer joint, Single Short Neck, Capacity (mL) Joint Siz..
Distillation Flask, OptiDist®, D86
Precision top to accept centering device, ring on the sidarm.  Compatible with OptiDist® par..
Vacuum Flask, Unsilvered, ASTM D2386
  Product # Diameter x Length Measure ..
Bottom Stopper, ASTM D2420
1 hole bored through center of stopper & 3 holes partially bored for watch glass stand ..
500mL Round Bottom Flask, Three Neck, ASTM D2007
500mL, Round Bottom, Heavy Wall Flask, Three Neck with 24/40 Joints.   ..
Distillation Flask, OptiDist®,  D850, D1078, DRY POINT
Flask is shorter than D86 Flask & used for Dry point. Compatable replacement of 2201-004-004 ..
  Product # Capacity ASTM Method Mate..
Church Flask, ASTM D402
  Product # Capacity (mL) Stopper Neck Meas..
Erlenmeyer Flask, Outer Joint
Erlenmeyer flask with a standard taper outer joint   ..
Flat Bottom Flask
Flat bottom, single neck flask with an outer joint.   Flask sizes & joint conf..
Round Bottom Flask, 1 Neck
Round bottom, single neck flask with an outer joint, HEAVY WALL.  Flask sizes & joint co..
Erlenmeyer Flask, Wide Mouth
Flasks are graduated to show approximate volume & has a wide mouth neck. ..