Separatory Funnel, Squibb, PTFE Stopcock

Brand: AMK Glass
Product Code: SFC-
Availability: In Stock

Squibb style separatory funnel with a PTFE stopcock. Supplied complete with a PTFE plug & a stopper.

Product # Capacity Stopper Neck Stopcock Size Measure
SFC-60 60mL #16 2mm Each
SFC-125 125mL #22 2mm Each
SFC-250 250mL #22 4mm Each
SFC-500 500mL #27 4mm Each
SFC-1000 1000mL #27 4mm Each
SFC-2000 2000mL #38 6mm Each
SFC-4000 4000mL #38 8mm Each


* Separatory Funnel: Description: Measure: Qty:
SFC-60 Separatory Funnel, 60mL, Complete Each
SFC-125 Separatory Funnel, 125mL, Complete Each
SFC-250 Separatory Funnel, 250mL, Complete Each
SFC-500 Separatory Funnel, 500mL, Complete Each
SFC-1000 Separatory Funnel, 1000mL, Complete Each
SFC-2000 Separatory Funnel, 2000mL, Complete Each
SFC-4000 Separatory Funnel, 4000mL, Complete Each


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