ZK- Turbovap Tube, 200mL

Brand: AMK Glass
Product Code: ZK-
Availability: In Stock

Economical replacement concentration tubes with calibrated & uncalibrated end points for Zymark® Turbovap 500

Product # Capacity (mL) Description Measure
ZK-01 200mL 0.5mL Tip, NO graduations Each
ZK-01A 200mL 1mL Tip, NO graduations Each
ZK-02 200mL 1mL Tip, Graduated at 1mL Each


* Turbovap Tube: Description: Measure: Qty:
ZK-01 Turbovap Tube, 0.5mL Tip Each
ZK-01A Turbovap Tube, 1mL Tip Each
ZK-02 Turbovap Tube, 1mL Tip, Graduated Each


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