TG-18291 Alkali Buret, Teflon® Stopcock

Brand: AMK Glass
Product Code: TG-18291
Availability: Pre-Order

Automatic Self-Zero, Class A, Alkali Buret.  Supplied complete with Teflon® stopcock plug, bottle, rubber bulb & drying tubes which are filled with activated aluminia

Product # Capacity Sub-Div. Tol. Bottle Capacity Joint Size
TG-18291-01 2mL 0.01mL +/- 0.01 1000mL 24/40
TG-18291-02 5mL 0.02mL +/- 0.01 1000mL 24/40
TG-18291-03 10mL 0.05mL +/- 0.02 1000mL 24/40
TG-18291-04 25mL 0.10mL +/- 0.03 1000mL 24/40
TG-18291-05 50mL 0.10mL +/- 0.05 2000mL 29/42
TG-18291-06 100mL 0.20mL +/- 0.10 2000ml 29/42


Replacement items below

Product # Description Measure
TG-18290-56-S Straight Drying Tube Each
TG-57026 Stopcock Plug, PTFE Each
TG-18290-56-U U-Bend Drying Tube Each
TG-18380-03 2oz Rubber Bulb w/Pressure Release Valve Each
TG-15200-1L24 Buret Bottle, 1000mL, 24/40 Each
TG-15200-2L29 Buret Bottle, 2000mL, 29/42 Each


* TG-18291: Description: Measure: Qty:
TG-18291-02 5mL Auto Alkali Buret, Glass Plug Each
TG-18291-03 10mL Auto Alkali Buret, Glass Plug Each
TG-18291-04 25mL Auto Alkali Buret, Glass Plug Each
TG-18291-05 50mL Auto Alkali Buret, Glass Plug Each
TG-18291-06 100mL Auto Alkali Buret, Glass Plug Each


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