Cylinder, Class A, PYREX®

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Cylinders are calibrated “To Deliver” in accordance with ASTM E-1272 and ASTM E-542. The double scale, numbered up and down, is in a durable enamel. Supplied with shock absorbing polyethylene bumper guards..

Product # Capacity Grad. Increments Approximate diameter x Height (mm) Measure
PCA-025 25mL 0.2mL 18mm x 192mm Each
PCA-050 50mL 1.0mL 24mm x 225mm Each
PCA-100 100mL 1.0mL 28mm x 254mm Each
PCA-250 250mL 2.0mL 39mm x 340mm Each
PCA-500 500mL 5.0mL 50mm x 390mm Each
PCA-1000 1000mL 10.0mL 64mm x 465mm Each
PCA-2000 2000mL 20.0mL 83mm x 520mm Each


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