T-Bore Stopcock, PTFE Plug

Brand: AMK Glass
Product Code: STPK4
Availability: In Stock

Three stems sealed 90 degrees apart.  Sold with PTFE plug that has a "T" Shaped bore. Any two stems or all three stems can be connected at one time.                  

Product # Bore Plug Size   Measure
STPK4-02 2mm 15.2/30 Complete Each
STPK4-04 4mm 16/35 Complete Each




* T-Bore.: Description: Measure: Qty:
STPK4-02 2mm T-Bore Stopcock, 15.2/30 PTFE Plug, Complete Each
STPK4-04 4mm T-Bore Stopcock, 16/35 PTFE Plug, Complete Each


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