Outer Joint for Soxhlet

Brand: AMK Glass
Product Code: SOX
Availability: 2 - 3 Days

Joints can be tooled on other tubing sizes a upon request.

Product # Joint Size Tubing Size Length Measure
SOX34/45F 34/45 Outer for Soxhlet 35mm 12" Each
SOX45/50F 45/50 Outer for Soxhlet 45mm 11.5" Each
SOX55/50F 55/50 Outer for Soxhlet 54mm 11.5" Each
SOX71/60F 71/60 Outer for Soxhlet 75mm x 2.2 wall 19" Each


* Soxhlet Joint: Description: Measure: Qty:
SOX34/45F 34/45 Outer on 35mm OD for Soxhlet Each
SOX45/50F 45/50 Outer on 45mm OD for Soxhlet Each
SOX55/50F 55/50 Outer on 54mm OD for Soxhlet Each
SOX71/60F 71/60 Outer on 75mm OD for Soxhlet Each


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