AMK Glass

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Socket Tip, ASTM D1319
Fits on the bottom of Precision Bore Adsorption Column (AST 1319-3A) ..
#12 Pinch Clamp, ASTM D1319
Connects precision adsorption column (AST 1319-3A) to socket tip (AST 1319-3B) ..
24/40 Glass Stopper, ASTM D2007
Product # Joint Size Measure AST 2007-9 ..
Brass Base w/Viton Oring, OptiDist®
Centering Device, ISL®, D86
Distillation Flask, OptiDist®,  D850, D1078, DRY POINT
Flask is shorter than D86 Flask & used for Dry point. Compatable replacement of 2201-004-004 ..
TG-18235 Dispensing Buret, Glass stopcock
Lab Grade Dispensing Buret with #4 glass stopcock Product # Ca..
500mL Separatory Funnel, ASTM D2007
Squibb style funnel supplied with a 4mm PTFE plug and a #27 stopper. Prod..
Centering Device, Herzog®, D86
  Product # Capacity ASTM Method Mate..
Glass Syringe, ASTM D1319
Complete with Needle     ..
 Tag Flash Probe, Herzog®, ASTM D56
Includes calibration certificate for either 1 Point (100C) or 3 Point (0C,100C, 200C). ..
1000mL Round Bottom Flask, ASTM  D4929
 Heavy wall single neck flask with 24/40 outer joint. Available sizes are 500mL & 1000mL..
400mL Erlenmeyer Flask,ASTM D297
  Product # Inside Diameter Height Me..
500mL Boiling Flask, ASTM D6470
500mL Boiling Flask, 2 Neck Offset, PTFE stopcock, D6470       ..