AMK Glass

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Fresenius Buret, Stopcock, PTFE Plug
Sold complete with glass plug. Product # Bore Plug S..
Probe, Herzog®, D86
Compatible with Herzog® 636-077 Thermometer, vapor, PT100, HDA627, HDA628 NIST traceable ..
Distillation Receiver, Dean-Stark with Return Tube
Moisture trap has a solvent return tube & the bottom of graduated tube is CONICAL (Tapered) ...
FIA Connector, ASTM D1319
Connects plain end adsorption column (AST 1319-2A) to plain end analyzer tube (AST 1319-2B) ..
Friedrichs Condenser, ASTM D2007
Condenser has a molded spiral condensing surface with an outer joint on the side and a lower drip..
Glass Stem, ASTM D2420
Inserted into the center of the stoppers Product # Diameter x Length..
Receiving Cylinder, 100mL, ISL®, D86
Measuring cylinder that fits on brass base with o-ring.  Graduated at 5mL & 90mL to 100m..
Thermocouple Tube, ASTM D4636
  Top Diameter Joint Bottom Diameter Length..
500mL Round Bottom Flask, Three Neck, ASTM D2007
500mL, Round Bottom, Heavy Wall Flask, Three Neck with 24/40 Joints.   ..
FIA Compression Tip, ASTM D1319
 Fits on bottom of plain end AnalyzerTubes (AST 1319-2B) Product # ..
Receiving Cylinder w/Glass Base 100mL, ISL®, D86
Glass base permenatly mounted to the bottom of the receiver.  Eliminates the need for the br..
Receiving Cylinder, OptiDist®
Measuring Cylinder, 100mL.  Does not include brass base. Compatible with OptiDist® part#..
Watch Glass, ASTM D2420
Inserted into bottom stopper for Watch Glass Stand Product # Diamete..
Filter Funnel, Long Stem, ASTM D2007
Funnel, 100mm, 60° Angle, Long Stem. Product # Diameter St..
Receiving Cylinder w/Glass Base, OptiDist® D86
Measuring Cylinder, 100mL with Glass Base is permenantly mounted to cylinder. Eliminates the need..