AMK Glass

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28/12 Ball Adapter, ASTM D1319
Fits on top of all Adsorption Columns          ..
Adapter Tube with Vigreux Column, ASTM D2007
Includes 2mm PTFE stopcock Product # Joint Size Measu..
Distillation Receiver, Bidwell-Sterling with Return Tube
 Moisture trap has a solvent return tube & the bottom of graduated tube is ROUND . Avail..
Double Oblique Bore Stopcock, Glass Plug
Solid glass plug has two parallel diagonal bores.       &..
Double Oblique Bore Stopcock, PTFE Plug
PTFE plug has two parallel diagonal bores.       &nb..
Flask, Flat Bottom, 24/40
For use with Soxhlet Extractor.  Sizes include 125mL, 250mL, & 500mL.  ..
Manual Bath Jar, ASTM D86
Used as a bath to control the temperature of a receiving cylinder in D86 distillation tests ..
Receiving Cylinder w/Glass Base 100mL, Herzog®, D86
Test Lamp, ASTM D187
  Product # Height Measure AST 187-..
Top Stopper, ASTM D2420
1 hole bored through center of stopper & 1 hole partially bored for glass hook ..
Adapter, 24/40F -34/45M, ASTM D6560
Allows standard Condenser with 24/40 bottom joint to fit into the extractor.  **Only used, i..
Bottom Stopper, ASTM D2420
1 hole bored through center of stopper & 3 holes partially bored for watch glass stand ..
Distillation Receiver, Dean-Stark
Bottom of graduated tube is CONICAL (Tapered) . Available sizes is 10mL ..
Flexible Joint Adapter, ASTM D2007
Product # Joint Size Measure AST 2007-5 ..
Fresenius Buret, Stopcock, Glass Plug
Sold complete with glass plug. Product # Bore Plug S..