AMK Glass

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Distillation Flask, ISL®, D850, D1078
 Precision Top to accept dry point device. This flask is shorter in height (179mm) ..
Distillation Receiver, Bidwell-Sterling
Bottom of graduated tube is ROUND.  Available sizes are 2mL, 5mL, 10mL & 25mL. &nbs..
Foam Test Cylinder, Koehler® Style, ASTM D892
Ring for the clamp is 18mm from top of cylinder.  Graduations are etched into the glass.&nbs..
Glass Rod, ASTM D2420
Inserted into bottom stopper for Watch Glass Stand Product # Diamete..
GR2-  Concentrator Tube, Jacketed
Graduated tube for use with K.D. Flask.  Tip of tube has an outside Jacket to to r..
Condenser has a 24/40 outer joint at the top and a 24/40 lower inner drip joint.  Jacket len..
Lower Glay Gel Column, ASTM 2007
  Column has a 24/40 outer joint at the top, a lower inner drip tube and a coarse p..
Pour Jar, Beaded, ASTM D97
Jar has a beaded top & an etched line around circumference 54mm from the inside bottom ..
Receiving Cylinder, 100mL, Herzog®, D86
Sample Container, ASTM D525
Product # Diameter x Height Measure AST 525-..
Soxhlet Extractor
Sizes include small, medium, large, & X-Large   Product # ..
Springs, ASTM D721
Stainless steel springs used to secure Filter Stick to Coolong Tube. Product #..
T-Bore Stopcock, Glass Plug
Three stems sealed 90 degrees apart.  Sold with solid glass plug that has a "T" Shaped ..
T-Bore Stopcock, PTFE Plug
Three stems sealed 90 degrees apart.  Sold with PTFE plug that has a "T" Shaped bo..
#28 Pinch Clamp, ASTM D1319
Connects top Ball Adapter (AST 1319-4) to all adsorption columns Product # ..