AMK Glass

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MCRT Vial, ASTM D4530
 A small & large size vial is avalable for MCRT.  Economic replacement to Cannon In..
Mini Test Tube, for  ISL®
Mini Test Tube, for ISL®, CPP97.  Compatible with PAC® M004212 Prod..
Nace Beaker, Baffled, Koehler® Instrument, ASTM D665
A 400mL Berzelius-type, tall form beaker without pourout. Two vertical baffles 180 degress apart ..
Outer Joint, Medium Length
7/15, 10/18, 14/20, 19/22, 24/25, 29/26, 34/28, 40/35 ..
Pour Jar, ASTM D97
Jar has an etched line around circumference 54mm from the inside bottom Produc..
Precision Bore Adsorption Columns, ASTM D1319
   Top Joint Inside Diameter Bottom Joint ..
QUARTZ Evaporating Dish w/Pour Spout, ASTM D482
 Low form dish with a strain point of 1120 Celsius. 120mL Capicity   &nb..
Rolling Thin Film Bottle, ASTM D2872
 RTFO Bottle - Serial # on bottle for tracability.   ASTM D2872 ..
Round Bottom Flask Blank
Standard wall flask blank. Product # Capacity Diamet..
SAF   Distilling Flask, Side Arm
  Part # Capacity Top Joint Side Joint ..
Separatory Funnel, Squibb, PTFE Stopcock
Squibb style separatory funnel with a PTFE stopcock. Supplied complete with a PTFE plug &..
Silver Strip Suspension Cradle & Test Tube, ASTM D7671
Sold as a set of one cradle & one test tube.         ..
SOX-01   Soxtherm Beaker
    Product# Top Flange OD x Height&nb..
Sparger, U-Shaped, Frit
  Part# Description Mount Measure ..
Straight Bore Stopcock, Glass Plug
Glass plug & barrel are ground to interchangable specifications.     ..