AMK Glass

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CFPP Pipette, Stem Top, ASTM D6371
Compatible with ISL® part# M004235. (FFP, 5g, Pipette) ASTM D6371, EN-116, IP309  &..
For use with Soxhlet Extractor.  Sizes include small, medium, large, & X-Large. ..
Condenser, Allihn
Bulb type reflux condenser with a 24/40 outer joint on the top & a lower 24/40 drip tip ..
Cooling Tube, ASTM D721
Made with hooks. Product # Diameter x Length Joint ..
Distillation Flask, D86
 Precision Top to accept centering device.  Economical Replacment for older Instrument ..
Distillation Flask, Economical Replacements, D86
 Precision Top to accept centering device.  **For Dry Point Flasks see D850** ..
Distillation Flask, Manual, D86
  Height Sidearm O.D. 215mm 7..
Distillation Flask, OptiDist®, D86
Precision top to accept centering device, ring on the sidarm.  Compatible with OptiDist® par..
Glass Hook, ASTM D2420
Inserted into bottom of top stopper Product # Length Measu..
GR1-  Concentrator Tube
Graduated tube for use with K.D. Flask. Product # Top Joi..
Graduated Glass Cylinder, 100mL
100mL Glass Cylinder with glass stopper.  Graduated from 5mL to 100mL in 1mL Increments.&nbs..
GST-250   Gas Sample Tube
 Supplied with a 0-4 High Vacuum Valve.  The Valve has a PTFE Shaft a Viton® O-Rings ..
Hose Connector, Direct Seal
3 Ring, 4 Ring & 5 Ring.  Item sold double ended. Product # ..
Leibig Condenser
Condenser has a 24/40 outer joint at the top and a 24/40 lower inner drip joint.  Jacket len..
Locking Ring for Foam Cylinder, ASTM D892