AMK Glass

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Sample Glass Cover, ASTM D525
Product # Diameter x Height Measure AST 525-..
Sample Tube, Jacketed, ASTM D2386
Product # Diameter x Length Measure AST 2386..
Test Vessel, ASTM D3427
Apparatus consits of jacket sample tube & an inlet tube with baffle plate ..
Thin Film Tube, ASTM D611
Water Cup, ASTM D473
Conical shaped cup with a glass hook sealed on the rim. Product # Ca..
1000mL Round Bottom Flask, ASTM D322
Flask, 24/40 outer joint, Single Short Neck, Capacity (mL) Joint Siz..
250mLErlenmeyer Flask, ASTM D3279
250mL Erlenmeyer flask with a 35/25 Socket joint. Capacity (mL) Join..
Adsorption Columns, Plain End, ASTM D1319
Bottom of column has Plain End   Top Joint Length ..
Adsorption Columns, Tapered End, ASTM D1319
Bottom of charger column has Tapered End (Pencil Tip)  Top Joint ..
Air Jacketed Container, ASTM D852
    Overall Length Inside Length Measure ..
CAV Vial Flat Bottom, ASTM D446
For use with Cannon® CAV-2200® Automatic Viscometer instrument.  Discount for large quantiti..
CDK1  Cyanide Distillation Kit (Kontes® Style)
CDK2  Cyanide Distillation Kit (Andrews® Style)
CDK3 Midi Cyanide Distillation Kit (Andrews® Style)
Complete glassware setup that includes four components below:  Midi Distillation Head,&n..
CDK4 Midi Cyanide Distillation Kit (Kontes® Style)