AMK Glass

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Sparger, U-Shaped, Fritless
  Part# Description Mount Measure ..
Upper Evaporation Pipe
Woolf Bottle, 2000mL, ASTM D5800
 Bottle Includes two #15 caps with aperture & sealing ring.     ..
500mL Erlenmeyer Flask, ASTM D2007
500mL Wide mouth graduated flask. Product # Capacity (mL) ..
SC2-01  Snyder Column, Two Joints
Three section distillation column with 24/40 top & bottom joint.  For use with K.D. Flas..
Silicone Stopper for Side Arm, ASTM D86
Fits on the sidearm of D86 Flasks.  ..
Flask Base Plate  ISL®
Flask Base Plate Herzog®
Flask Base Plate, Manual
 #15 Cap With Aperture, ASTM D5800
 #15 Cap With Aperture, SVL®, With Sealing Ring     ..
Includes calibration certificate for 1point or 3 Points (0C, 1000C, 200C).  Compat..
Addition Funnels, PTFE Stopcock
Cylindrical funnel with pressure equalizing arm, PTFE stopcock.  Top & bottom joints are..
Condenser, Allihn
Bulb type reflux condenser with a stem on the top & a lower 24/40 drip tip joint.  ..
Emulsion Cylinder, Stem Sides, ASTM 6931
500mL Graduated cylinder with #32 Top Joint.  Open Ended Tubes (8mm ID) are sealed to the si..
Evaporation Cylinder