AMK Glass

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5mL Residue Cylinder, ASM D86
Bottle Scraper, ASTM D2872
  Material Measure Stainless Steel ..
Church Flask, ASTM D402
  Product # Capacity (mL) Stopper Neck Meas..
Conical Pharmaceutical Graduates
Graduated cylinders with scales in both US & metric units. Markings are etched into the g..
Distillation Flask, Tanaka®, D86,
 Flasks are for use with Tanaka AD6® & AD7®.  **Other sizes are available..
Emulsion Cylinder, Stopcocks Sides, ASTM 6931
500mL Graduated cylinder with #32 Top Joint.  Stopcocks are sealed @ 55mL & 445mL. ..
Erlenmeyer Flask, Outer Joint
Erlenmeyer flask with a standard taper outer joint   ..
Flat Bottom Flask
Flat bottom, single neck flask with an outer joint.   Flask sizes & joint conf..
Fuel Blending Buret is graduated in percentage in ascending & descending scale.  Supplie..
KDF-  Kuderna-Danish Flask
K.D. Flask Product # Capacity Top Joint Bo..
Mushroom Condenser, ASTM D943, ASTM D2274
Product # Length Measure AST 943-1 ..
Needle for Syringe, ASTM D1319
 Extra needles for glass syringe.  Needles are 22 guage **Fits into part# 1319-8 ..
Round Bottom Flask,
 Heavy wall single neck flask with 24/40 outer joint. Available sizes are 500mL & 1000mL..
Round Bottom Flask, 1 Neck
Round bottom, single neck flask with an outer joint, HEAVY WALL.  Flask sizes & joint co..
SC1-01  Snyder Column, Economy
Three section distillation column with bead on top & 24/40 lower joint.  For use with K...