F.I.A Precision Bore Set-up

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Precision Bore Adsorption Columns, ASTM D1319
   Top Joint Inside Diameter Bottom Joint ..
#28 Pinch Clamp, ASTM D1319
Connects top Ball Adapter (AST 1319-4) to all adsorption columns Product # ..
28/12 Ball Adapter, ASTM D1319
Fits on top of all Adsorption Columns          ..
Socket Tip, ASTM D1319
Fits on the bottom of Precision Bore Adsorption Column (AST 1319-3A) ..
#12 Pinch Clamp, ASTM D1319
Connects precision adsorption column (AST 1319-3A) to socket tip (AST 1319-3B) ..
Glass Syringe, ASTM D1319
Complete with Needle     ..
Needle for Syringe, ASTM D1319
 Extra needles for glass syringe.  Needles are 22 guage **Fits into part# 1319-8 ..