F.I.A. Plain End Set-up

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Adsorption Columns, Plain End, ASTM D1319
Bottom of column has Plain End   Top Joint Length ..
Analyzer Tube, Plain End Bottom, ASTM D1319
Bottom of column has Plain End.  Available in cases upon request. O.D. x ..
#28 Pinch Clamp, ASTM D1319
Connects top Ball Adapter (AST 1319-4) to all adsorption columns Product # ..
28/12 Ball Adapter, ASTM D1319
Fits on top of all Adsorption Columns          ..
FIA Connector, ASTM D1319
Connects plain end adsorption column (AST 1319-2A) to plain end analyzer tube (AST 1319-2B) ..
FIA Compression Tip, ASTM D1319
 Fits on bottom of plain end AnalyzerTubes (AST 1319-2B) Product # ..
Glass Syringe, ASTM D1319
Complete with Needle     ..
Needle for Syringe, ASTM D1319
 Extra needles for glass syringe.  Needles are 22 guage **Fits into part# 1319-8 ..